Tilieka Gordon

Tilieka Gordon


Tilieka briefly began her role as regional support in February 2020 but due to covid-19 lockdown regulations this came to a halt by April, then the position resurfaced in September and Tilieka was delighted to come back.

Tilieka worked in retail for several years until she began a journey into discovering a more rewarding role. During this search Tilieka explored working as a waitress, working with young people, and studying fashion and found enjoyment in all of these areas. This led to discovering a passion for providing opportunities to those who have less access and driving creativity where it is limited.

Tilieka fell in love with watching others discover themselves through physical and creative activities.

Whilst teaching workshops with one of our Sported members she became aware of a job opening at Sported.

With limited experience in this field she felt a sense of excitement at the idea of working within the charity sector and felt as though it would be a great window to expand on existing skills as well as help others develop physically.