Visa Ball Kids at the UEFA Women's Euro 2022

By Sported |  5th August 2022

At Sported, we’re still buzzing from England’s win in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, and we were even more excited because 39 girls who are involved with grassroots football groups in the Sported network appeared as the Ball Kids during the qualifying matches and the final!

Thanks to Barclays and their partnership with Visa UK, groups in the Sported network were able to nominate girls who they thought would make excellent ambassadors for women and girl’s football.

For the lucky 39 girls chosen, all aged between 14-18, this once in a lifetime opportunity saw them play an integral part of the tournament, as well as help develop key life skills including team work, time management, responsibility and confidence.

Find out more about some of the Ball Kids chosen from football groups in the Sported network below…

“It was an unforgettable experience and I’m proud and privileged to have been part of the visa ball kids team. It was amazing to be involved in the opening match that kicked off the Euros. 

It was incredible to be at the stadium with a record breaking attendance. It was extra special to me to be at Old Trafford as that’s the home pitch of the team I support.” 


Tahalia loves football because it allows her to challenge and test herself, stay healthy and balance the stress of her studies. She supports sessions for 8-12 year old girls at her local football group, having played herself in the boys team when she was younger due to limited access to girls football sessions. She is described as an inspiration for other young girls in her community.


Lyra has been playing football since she was 7 years old and has aspirations to become a referee. As the only female player on her team, others describe her as resilient, dedicated and loyal, thriving from building strong relationships with her teammates.


Aysha is a keen sportswoman and has been integral to the growth of the girl’s section of her local football group. A role model in her local community, she has shown a passion for coaching and youth development, currently on the way to becoming a FA certified coach. From a family of football players, Aysha loves the team spirit that comes with playing football.

All of our Ball Kids had an incredible experience at the UEFA Women’s EEURO 2022, and a huge thank you to our friends at Barclays and Visa for making this happen. Last but certainly not least, congratulations to the Lionesses 2022 European Champions.

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