Erica Thornton


Erica grew up in Lancashire where she trained in acting and musical theatre. After a year in a performing arts school, Erica moved to Cornwall where she continued her love of singing, touring with a funk band. However, it wasn’t long before Erica felt the pull of a “proper job” and applied to become a Police Officer.

Erica joined Sussex Police in 2006 where she developed her passion for people, problem solving and doughnuts (of course). 

After two years in uniform, Erica became frustrated, feeling she was at the wrong end of the issue. She resigned and went on to train in Offender Management, working with adult and young offenders for years to come.

Supporting missing children became Erica’s next venture, working with the incredible charity Missing People where she honed her skills for project management and people development.

Erica joined Sported in February 2018 after deciding she needed a change of focus and has never looked back. Sported has reignited Erica’s love of sport and physical activity, she joined her local running club in Brighton, Arena AC and now races whenever she can.

“I wasn’t aware of the true power of sport until I came to work at Sported, it’s remarkable how much impact our community leaders are achieving with such small resource”.