Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

At Sported, we are committed to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

Our journey is a continuous one and we’re always learning and evolving to make sure we remain relevant to the needs of the communities we serve. 

Our vision for wanting every young person to have the same opportunity to fulfil their potential is rooted in the principles of EDI. We want to help remove the barriers that our most under-served, at risk and minoritised groups of young people experience when trying to access sport and physical activity. We want to do this by helping our community groups survive to help young people thrive.

Our Objectives and Actions

We will take the following actions:

  • For Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion to be reported on twice a year at the Board to monitor progress
  • To publish a clear EDI framework and diversity action plan which demonstrates our commitment and progress in the EDI space
  • For Sported to continue engaging in conversations around EDI, promoting an inclusive culture and workplace
  • Sported to engage in EDI conversations externally so we remain well informed and relevant
  • For Sported to actively encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds when a vacant Board position becomes available
  • To develop a fair and inclusive banding process, one which encourages staff development which in turn retains talent from diverse backgrounds 
  • Evaluating the inclusivity of our staff recruitment process so that we have a diverse and thriving workforce
  • To increase the representation of volunteers from ethnically diverse backgrounds
  • To support the development of the Black Leaders network, ensuring Black voices of community sport are heard
  • For Sported to also establish key partnerships influencing the EDI sector in sport. e.g. Sport England, so we are continuously learning
  • To develop a new member application form that enables us to capture diversity data accurately, ensuring we are representative of the communities we serve
  • For the Board to undergo EDI (varied topics) training so they understand the barriers experienced in our communities
  • For 100% of Sported’s staff to be trained on race equality and disability
  • For Sported volunteers to understand the barriers that exist in our communities and to have a rich understanding of inclusive practices

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is at the centre of the work we're doing at Sported. We are on a journey with the development of this work and want to ensure that we remain relevant to the needs of our community groups tackling inequality.

– Sarah Kaye, Sported CEO

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