About Sported

We are the UK’s largest network of community groups supporting half a million young people to overcome barriers to reach their full potential.

The 2,900 groups which Sported supports are deeply rooted within their communities and led by highly committed, passionate local people who often give up their time voluntarily to run initiatives that help young people from their community to succeed. 


However, grassroots groups are often under-funded and under-resourced. 


Our role is to empower the local heroes running these groups by providing much-needed professional expertise, resources and operational support, free of charge, to help their group survive and thrive.

“We couldn’t have managed without Sported, to be honest. They have been there every step of the way.”

Our Vision

We want every young person to have the same opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Our purpose

Helping community groups survive, to help young people thrive.

Our current Strategic Plan sets out
our ambition to strengthen local workforces and build the resilience of community sports groups.
Through our network of 2,900 grassroots groups, we are improving wellbeing, tackling inequalities and connecting communities.

Our network

Our groups are deeply rooted in towns, villages and cities across the UK. They are the experts at reaching and engaging young people in sport and physical activity, offering local solutions to local problems. We have over 10 years’ experience of supporting these community groups to become stronger and more sustainable.

The power of grassroot sport and physical activity

Few mediums have the power to engage, inspire and bring together young people as sport. Sported’s groups all use sport and physical activity to impact on one or more of the following social outcomes:

Education and employability

Health and well-being

Crime and anti-social behaviour

Community cohesion

Inequality in sports participation

The power of community groups​

Community groups provide a highly effective and efficient way of channelling targeted support to young people and communities in the greatest need of help and facing the biggest hardships because:​

  • They have an established and trusted channel to reach those most in need
  • Group leaders, staff and volunteers are role models, and have a detailed understanding of the young people they serve
  • They are here for the long-term. Behavioural change in young people takes time, change that can only be achieved through consistent, regular and long-term engagement

Our people

Sported’s experienced staff team is based all over the UK. We are supported by over 300 volunteers who all with a range of professional experience and skills, including business planning, financial management, marketing and fundraising. 


Our volunteers are dynamic and talented individuals with an enthusiasm and passion for mentoring groups in our network. They work directly with our members to transfer their skills and equip them for long-term success.

“The most rewarding part of the role is seeing the group develop to such an extent that you can walk away – to me that’s very important.”

– Sported volunteer

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