Across Scotland, hundreds of local community sports groups and charities are using the power of sport to transform young people’s lives and tackle problems within their communities.


These groups are often under-resourced and regularly face threats to their survival. The local heroes who run them struggle daily to find the time, and funding they need to continue their work.


Sported fills this gap by offering free, vital support which is often the difference between them surviving or closing down.


We have a particular focus on tackling inequality, addressing mental health and wellbeing issues, and helping to close the attainment gap using sport as the catalyst for change.

Helping groups become more accessible for young people with disabilities.

Sported has partnered with Scottish Disability Sport and Dundee Dragons Wheelchair Sports Club to improve inclusion for young people with disabilities and create more inclusive sports spaces for everyone.

21% of young people in Scotland are considered disabled but 80% of those young people wish they were more active. Project 21 aims to tackle some of the barriers facing these young people and build new opportunities with groups working hard to deliver inclusive activities.

Find out more about the project.

Building the sustainability of community football clubs in the bottom 20% most deprived areas of Scotland.

Thanks to Scottish funders 

If you’re interested in making a positive  difference for young people by partnering with Sported, please contact Dee Pearson, Scotland National Delivery Manager at    

Latest news

Community Pulse (May 2023) 

We ask group leaders in the Sported network what is happening on the ground for grassroots sports groups. 

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a group of young people playing basketball

Group Highlight – Glasgow ANSAR

Glasgow All Nations Sport Arts and Recreation (ANSAR) is a volunteer-led community charity group aiming to create a space in the community where young people – particularly ethnically diverse young people – can feel confident in accessing both sport and the arts whilst connecting with other people like them in their community.

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Boots and Beards

Boots & Beards was started in 2016 and since then, over 1,000 Asian youngsters and their families have been introduced to the benefits of hiking – and learnt a huge amount about themselves at the same time.

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Sophie’s story

Dundee Dragons

Dundee Dragons

Shayne’s mobility is affected by HSP (hereditary spastic paralysis), a rare genetic disorder that causes weakness in the leg muscles and deteriorates over time. Joining the Dundee Dragons has given him self-belief.

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Sophie Volunteer

Sophie’s Story

As a 16-year-old, Sophie has packed more into her life than most people do in a lifetime. Find out more about why she’s volunteering with Sported, why she thinks everyone should get involved with their local community and how she hopes to continue inspiring young girls and women to get into sport.

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Group highlight - Syngenta FC

Syngenta Juveniles Football Club are based in Grangemouth, providing opportunities for those aged 2 upwards to take part in football activities from across the central belt. The main aim of the group is to encourage a sense of belonging to a community for young people, giving them meaningful opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity.

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