Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

We are Northern Ireland’s largest network of local community sport groups.

The 200+ groups within our NI network are deeply rooted within their communities and led by highly committed, passionate local people who run initiatives that help young people from their community to succeed. However, these grassroots groups are often under-funded and under-resourced.

Sported fills this gap by providing professional expertise, resources and operational support, free of charge, to help their group survive and thrive.


We have a particular focus on supporting NI groups who are using the power of sport to build Community Cohesion, address Mental Health issues, and tackle inequality.  

Challenging sports deliverers in NI to think differently about women and girls.

Helping groups become more accessible for young people who are blind or partially sighted.

Helping community groups measure outcomes and demonstrate their impact.

Harnessing synergy and sharing learning between the NI arts and sports sectors.

Thanks to local funders 

If you’re interested in making a positive difference in local communities by partnering with Sported, please contact Judith Rankin, Northern Ireland National Manager on 07775 335498 or

Sported Volunteers and Members