Fundraise for Sported

Sported depends entirely on donations and partnerships so we can give every young person the same chance of fulfilling their potential.

Help us by raising valuable funds so we can help more grassroots groups in our communities.

Run for Sported 

We have an allocation of places for some of the UK’s most popular road races – with the chance to fund raise for grassroots sport. 

Or you can choose your own event, get sponsored, and help young people with every kilometre.


To get your spot, email with a preferred race.

golf game

Organise an event 

Run a race. Cycle long-distance. Organise a golf day. 

The choice is yours.

Raising funds for Sported goes a long way to helping more young people get great opportunities in life through sport and physical activity. 

We’re always happy to discuss fundraising events or hear what people are doing to support us through sponsorship or other activities.

To chat about Fundraising, email

Find out more about what we do and where we work.