Nike Future Leaders in Sport

The Future Leaders in Sport programme will empower 12 inspirational young BAME people (aged 16-30) who are passionate about harnessing the power of sport to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in their local communities.


Sported and Nike have teamed up to support grassroots organisations who are harnessing the power of sport to have a positive impact on their local community.

The Future Leaders in Sport programme is part of Nike’s Until We All Win strategy to advance equality within communities. It aligns with Sported’s own focus on reaching and supporting under-represented groups using Sport for Social Change.

Young leaders on the programme will benefit from a 12-month package of tailored support, mentoring and personal development opportunities, to help develop and launch their own Sport for Change project.

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Meet our Future Leaders


Rishan Walker

Combining dance with mental health for young women and girls – providing them with the tools they need for better health.


Olivia Eastwood-Gray

Building an existing netball programme into something long-term and consistent, providing an opportunity for all the girls that want to play a space to do so.


JJ Roble

Providing regular football sessions for young BAME Muslim women in Brent with opportunities to also coach and referee alongside.


Jamani Matthews

Utilising dance to help young BAME men improve their skills in other sports including football and basketball – agility, bal-ance, coordination. Wants to develop a pro-gramme that brings dance together with train-ing for other sports.


Nimrah Chaudhry

Providing young people with disa-bilities an opportunity to access all kinds of different sports so they are able to get involved with sport and physical activity regularly.


Iqra Ismail

Safe, comfortable, accessible place for BAME Muslim women to play football.


David Adesanya

Combining table tennis with public space and community engagement – creating a network of places young people can play table tennis and working closely with local communi-ties to help at local shelters/with local orgs.


Noussayba Kahlalech

Provide a safe, accessible space for BAME Muslim women in the local community to learn MMA and try activities they don’t feel comfortable trying otherwise.


Lauren Small

Increase diversity and access for BAME people in roller derby across London – to create an inclusive and safe space for people to try the sport and feel part of the community. There also adaptations that can be made to ensure everyone can participate.


Debra Nelson

Safe, comfortable, accessible and affordable place for BAME women to play foot-ball.


Ibrahim Al-Ezzo

Via Refugee Action Kingston, Ibrahim wants to support other refugees and asylum seekers in Kingston and surrounding areas to access sport and physical activity – language being a key barrier.


Raya Ahmed-Sakhi

Safe, comfortable, accessible and affordable place for BAME women to play foot-ball.

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