Open Doors

Open Doors focuses on engaging young people at times when they often have no access to positive role models, enriching environments and safe spaces. By unlocking opportunities and creating positive experiences during out-of-school times, and using under-utilised school facilities as activity hubs, Open Doors ensures that when term-time ends, engagement for vulnerable young people does not.


Open Doors provides coaching and mentoring to young people during school holiday periods, ensuring they have access to local role models, local delivery and enriching engagement at this time of disconnection.

Within the current climate of social distancing and of declining youth services and facilities, school holiday periods are a time when vulnerable children and young people are hit the hardest.

Open Doors works to reduce the risk factors and increase the protective factors in a young person’s life, working to prevent problems occurring, or to tackle them head-on when they do, before problems get worse. Evidence shows that effective interventions can improve children’s life chances at any point during childhood and adolescence – by unlocking local community assets and providing an infrastructure and platform for local delivery, Open Doors aims to create an environment where all children and young people can thrive.

Open Doors focuses on supporting the most at-risk young people in London, working with Alternate Provision units, PRUs and secondary schools in LSEC Areas to engage young people that have already been or are at risk of exclusion from mainstream education and at risk of youth crime. ukactive & Sported propose to deliver the

Open Doors programme across four London boroughs, starting in the Summer (2020) school holidays and

providing engagement and transition pathway opportunities for young people through to the end of March 2021.

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