Sported partner with Simplyhealth to support community groups back into activity through the launch of the SimplyMe app

By Sported |  13th October 2020

The launch follows new research from Simplyhealth which reveals that many people have experienced negative impacts on their mental and physical health since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK but are determined to take action to improve their health.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to cause significant disruption and challenges for our members, with additional stresses and strains including operational challenges, risk of closure, wellbeing of group leaders and the impact on young people within their community.

Without the hard-work and passion of group leaders, coaches and volunteers, community groups simply wouldn’t exist. By supporting these essential activities to get back up and running, we can help protect these groups’ futures and ensure local young people can continue to benefit from their amazing work for many years to come.

A few words from Sported CEO

Nicola Walker Sported CEO

“Simplyhealth and Sported are united in their desire to see people and communities thrive. We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Simplyhealth to ensure the wellbeing of young people often living in disadvantage. At Sported we believe that grass roots groups have a unique role to play in engaging and inspiring young people, using sport to make a positive difference to the communities they’re a part of and improving physical and mental health.

Nicola Walker

Chief EXECUTIVE Officer

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