Time To Change

Action not Words and what we will do in 12 months

By Juliet Bertie |  31st October 2022

As Sported’s new Race Equity Lead, Black History Month means a great deal to me. It has an important significance – but not just once a year.

Black History Month happens every month, every day, every year – forever.

Sported, born out of London 2012, has delivered a legacy to not only inspire young people, but help them overcome some of the hurdles they encounter so they can fulfil their full potential in life.

Our mission is to help grassroots community groups survive so that young people can thrive. 

Since arriving in September 2022, I have heard first-hand about some of the great outcomes that have been achieved at Sported. However, plenty more still needs to be done, especially in the area which I specialise in: Race.

My role here is to ensure that marginalised communities are not left out, how we address the different layers and barriers within the various parts of our society. I know my personal lived experience as a Black female differs to an Asian male with disabilities.

At Sported, we want to reach within our communities so that everyone feels included. While also empowering and supporting individuals to champion the excellent work they do right across the UK in utilising the power of sport and physical activity as a positive influence on our youth.

I have a burning passion, desire and drive to make a change in the area – and I am all about “action and not words.” I have spent years listening to people talking. However for me, not enough progress has been made. 

Sported is committed to enabling change and making it part of our DNA.

With the support of our valued partners at the National Lottery, we will take a role in a forthcoming project that prioritises the empowerment of a generation of Black Leaders in sport.

As a continued commitment from Sported employees following Black History Month, if you are a Black-led member organisation within Sported’s network who would welcome our voluntary support, reach out. If you want to work with us, get in touch.

Currently, I am co-owner, Secretary and coach for a predominately Black table tennis club called Continental Stars Table Tennis Club. I understand the difficulties faced and the barriers that can be encountered for ethnically-diverse communities. So, I set myself further goals to influence change.

I am a Women and Girls Ambassador for Table Tennis England and part of their Members Advisory Group. I am also a Trustee at Notts County Foundation.

My experience in relation to race was driven by difficulties I encountered from my own previous experiences of bullying in the workplace, which only made me a stronger person.

I engaged with developing a Race Network, then securing a secondment driving roundtable discussions with Black community leaders, right through to delivering a project on Race within a Civil Service department.

At Sported, with the help of those we work with, we want to celebrate Black history while fuelling a better future. 

And my mantra in my role is simple: “Time to change – Action not Words.” 


Juliet Bertie is Sported’s Race Equity Lead and can be reached at j.bertie@sported.org.uk

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