Polly Crook

Polly Crook


Polly grew up on a beach in Gower, South Wales, and is often found in the sea, or wandering along the beach with no shoes on.

In January 2021, she joined Sported to work as a Development Officer in the Welsh team and will predominantly be working on supporting and developing activities within South Wales.

After graduating in Design at the University of Leeds, Polly realised that her passion was so deeply rooted in sports and the outdoors that an immediate change of direction was needed. She went on to spend fifteen years working within the sports industry, and most recently spent over a decade working for a global sports brand as a Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, and expert in strategic planning and customer development. During this time, it became clear that Polly’s passions lay in supporting and developing grass roots over big-bucks athletes, so Sported is her perfect fit.

Polly has always been a huge advocate for the benefits that physical activity and time spent outdoors can have on our wellbeing, and of the principle that you don’t have to be good at something, you just need to enjoy it.

In her free time, Polly is on the committee of a local charity encouraging children’s right to play and co-founded The HOW People; a community built to inspire, support and connect the next generation of awesome females by working to the three pillars of HOW: Happiness, Opportunities and Wellbeing.

Polly is infectiously positive, and a self-confessed doer with an inability to take no for an answer.