Sported partnered with Simplyhealth, one of the leading healthcare plan providers to offer support to select members affected the COVID-19 pandemic to help them continue to provide vital services to young people facing disadvantage. 

A few words from Sported CEO, Nicola Walker

Nicola Walker Sported CEO

“Simplyhealth and Sported are united in their desire to see people and communities thrive. We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Simplyhealth to ensure the wellbeing of young people often living in disadvantage.

At Sported we believe that grass roots groups have a unique role to play in engaging and inspiring young people, using sport to make a positive difference to the communities they’re a part of and improving physical and mental health. But without the hard-work and passion of group leaders, coaches and volunteers, community groups simply wouldn’t exist and coronavirus has created even more challenges. Sported provide the professional and mentoring support required for these groups to survive. With a UK wide network of thousands of groups, we ensure our members have the resources they need to grow and thrive.

With Simplyhealth’s generous support we can help these extraordinary groups during this difficult time. By supporting essential activities to get back up and running, we can encourage young people to return to positive environments and help protect these groups’ futures. Simplyhealth’s donations will lead to thousands of young people being back amongst friends, engaging in healthy activities and enjoying the best of their community. Thank you for allowing that to happen.’


Project impact

The support for select Sported members included: 

  1. A £2,000 grant to be spend on whatever they needed to get activities back up and running for young people (aged 11-25 years)
  2. Support to navigate the various Covid-19 guidelines to ensure they could operate safely in the delivery of sport and physical activity
  3. Marketing and communications support to help promote their organisation and the people that make it so special! 


awarded to Sported community groups


groups received funding support from SImply Health

almost 75%

of groups have been able to get back to fully return to in person activity since receiving their grant


youg people were able to positively participate in their groups activities as a result

Case Studies

The Physical Return

As lockdown restrictions started to ease, many Sported member groups were eager to get back to physical activity. It was time for ‘the physical return’! 

Some members had already started delivering to their young people again and many were putting plans in place. Things continued to change rapidly and our groups had to adjust to a new way of doing things. Safety is the primary concern and although there is a lot of in-depth guidance available, we wanted to help our members find what was important for them by providing a quick checklist of things to be thinking about. 

Guidance continues to change and there is a lot for our groups to think about, but we know they can’t wait to get back to activity. Sported are always on hand to support and guide them into the ‘new normal’.

Shared values

Simplyhealth believe a healthy life is a better life. 

A recent survey by Simplyhealth found that 40% of respondents stated it would motivate them to exercise more if their fitness tracker or device raised funds for a charity or community initiative so the partnership with Sported will help encourage users to be healthier.




A few words from Simplyhealth CEO, Romana Abdin

Romana Simplyhealth

“Never has our sense of community been more important, or relevant as it is today. We are really proud of our heritage and wanted to show how much we care about the health of the UK and continue to do our very best for our customers. Throughout the past months we have seen everyone come together, in their communities, working for the greater good.

“We have listened to what people want, and are now harnessing that power of community, bringing our Purpose to life, and showing everyone that they can take control of their health and also help others in the process. We’re delighted to be working with Sported as we all have our part to play in staying healthy and looking after each other.”

Romana Abdin


About the app

The SimplyMe app helps people to make small easy steps to better health and wellness, by allowing users to monitor data on their BMI, emotional wellbeing, sleep, and heart rate, and identify personalised changes to improve their physical and mental health.

The launch follows new research from Simplyhealth which reveals that many people have experienced negative impacts on their mental and physical health since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK but are determined to take action to improve their health.

The 2,000 UK adults surveyed stated that because of the pandemic:

  • 42% feel their physical fitness has suffered
  • 42% feel their mental health has suffered
  • 38% have found it more difficult to sleep
  • 19% are less healthy than before the pandemic
0 %
feel their physical fitness has suffered
0 %
feel their mental health has suffered
0 %
have found it more difficult to sleep
0 %
are less healthy than before the pandemic

Simplyhealth launch new brand campaign highlighting the importance of community health

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