Simplyhealth is one of the UK’s leading healthcare plan providers and has launched a new free-to-use health and wellbeing app, SimplyMe.


The aim of the app is to help people identify small, easy, changes that help them to lead healthier lives and look after their mental health.

The new app not only looks after the user’s own health, but also rewards their healthy behaviour by giving back to communities in need. Simplyhealth have pledged that they will donate £5 to Sported every time someone signs up to the SimplyMe app.

Shared values

Simplyhealth believe a healthy life is a better life. 

A recent survey by Simplyhealth found that 40% of respondents stated it would motivate them to exercise more if their fitness tracker or device raised funds for a charity or community initiative so the partnership with Sported will help encourage users to be healthier.




A few words from Simplyhealth CEO, Romana Abdin

Romana Simplyhealth

“Never has our sense of community been more important, or relevant as it is today. We are really proud of our heritage and wanted to show how much we care about the health of the UK and continue to do our very best for our customers. Throughout the past months we have seen everyone come together, in their communities, working for the greater good.

“We have listened to what people want, and are now harnessing that power of community, bringing our Purpose to life, and showing everyone that they can take control of their health and also help others in the process. We’re delighted to be working with Sported as we all have our part to play in staying healthy and looking after each other.”

Romana Abdin


When you download SimplyMe, Simply Health will donate £5 to Sported

Simplyhealth is committed to making a £5 donation to Sported every time someone signs up to their SimplyMe app (up to 25,000 sign-ups) during October. So, the more people who take care of their health, the more they’ll unlock to help others get healthy.

About the app

The SimplyMe app helps people to make small easy steps to better health and wellness, by allowing users to monitor data on their BMI, emotional wellbeing, sleep, and heart rate, and identify personalised changes to improve their physical and mental health.

The launch follows new research from Simplyhealth which reveals that many people have experienced negative impacts on their mental and physical health since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the UK but are determined to take action to improve their health.

The 2,000 UK adults surveyed stated that because of the pandemic:

  • 42% feel their physical fitness has suffered
  • 42% feel their mental health has suffered
  • 38% have found it more difficult to sleep
  • 19% are less healthy than before the pandemic
0 %
feel their physical fitness has suffered
0 %
feel their mental health has suffered
0 %
have found it more difficult to sleep
0 %
are less healthy than before the pandemic

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