Sported response to 2023 Spring Budget

By Sported |  15 March 2023

Sported reacts to the £100 million to support charities and community organisations and £63 million in funding for swimming pools in England in today’s Spring Budget: 

Tom Burstow, deputy CEO, said: “We are pleased that the Chancellor has listened to calls to provide a package of support to community organisations and swimming pools which have been exposed to increased running costs.

“Grassroots facilities delivering sport and physical activity have struggled with the impact of higher energy bills. This puts at risk the vital work they do with young people in particular to widen opportunities, remove barriers and help them reach their full potential.

“We look forward to further detail on how these groups will be supported from the £100m made available for these organisations.

“We also call on the Scottish and Welsh governments to use any consequential increase in Exchequer funds to provide additional help to the community sector.”

Young teenager in a Sported t-shirt preparing to throw a punch in a boxing ring to the instructor

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