Sported responds to latest NEET stats

Press statement


26th February 2015


Commenting on today’s NEET statistics, Lekan Ojumu, Sporteducate Programme Manager at Sported said: “What the latest statistics mask is that there are still huge social inequalities in youth unemployment. The fact remains, that if you come from a disadvantaged background, you are much more likely to become NEET.


We need to find alternative ways of engaging the disengaged and providing targeted support to those who need it most. This means taking a ‘bottom-up’ approach, supporting local solutions for local problems.


Community groups and initiatives, in particular, have an important role to play in reaching the young people who are at the highest risk of falling through the gaps of traditional provision and becoming NEET. By empowering these groups to provide innovative engagement activities and targeted educational interventions, we can help address some of the fundamental barriers preventing young people from moving into employment, namely key gaps in basic maths, literacy and communication skills.”

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