Sported responds to Government’s new sport strategy – a ‘game-changer’ for community sport?

Chris Grant, Chief Executive of Sported, responds to the launch of the government’s new sport strategy: 


“This strategy could be a game-changer for community sport, and for the UK at large. Many of us have experienced the unique power of sport to bring out the best in individuals, and to unite communities. Sported was founded to support thousands of clubs and groups across the UK – mainly volunteer led – who work tirelessly to deliver these benefits. Until now, they’ve often felt that they were swimming against the tide, but to see what we call Sport for Development front and centre of Tracey Crouch’s plans is hugely encouraging.

Over the last few years, we’ve made great strides as a nation at the top end of the Olympic and Paralympic medal tables. Behind the scenes, sports which had previously fought each other for resources and hidden the secrets of their success started sharing what they knew. Now it’s time to do the same for the grassroots. This strategy can help us forge new partnerships, and build a world-class community sport system. It can help us to break outdated stereotypes about who will or won’t be interested in particular sports or activities.

Of course, whether it works or not will ultimately be determined by actions, rather than words in a document. However, the way to build an Active Nation is to be joined-up and work from the bottom up. Previous approaches were the exact opposite. They encouraged division, and tried to push solutions out into communities. Tracey Crouch has been brave enough to reverse the flow. If everyone who loves sport and believes in its potential to drive positive change gets behind this strategy, the whole nation will benefit.”

The full strategy, ‘Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation’, is available to read here.