Our approach

Here are some of the things that makes Sported different

Unleashing the power of sport

Sported’s membership network brings together the UK’s largest collection of community sport and youth clubs using the power of sport to transform young lives.


Personal networks iconUK-wide reach

Sported’s membership network of over 3,000 community sport and youth groups are deeply rooted in towns, villages and cities across the UK. For more information about where we work, please click HERE.


build capacity iconReach the most in-need communities

41% of Sported members are based in the 30% most deprived areas of the UK, allowing us to reach the most maginalised and disadvantaged young people.


Personal networks iconFREE Membership!

We know community groups are underfunded and under-resourced, often being run on shoestring budgets. That’s why membership of Sported and all our services are completely FREE of charge.


Local solutions to local problems

Sported’s members are run by trusted club leaders and volunteers who are plugged into the needs of their locality and understand the issues faced by the young people they serve.


Volunteers iconSported volunteers

Our volunteers come from a wide range of professional backgrounds and work directly with our members to transfer their skills and equip them for long-term success.


community cohesion iconRegional representation

Sported’s on-the-ground team of regional staff means we have local insight into the challenges faced by our members and the social challenges faced by the young people themselves.


Money iconProving the social value of sport

We know sport can transform lives; here at Sported we are passionate about proving it! We continue to lead the sector in the development of a shared-measurement framework and helping our members adopt best practice impact measurement. For more information, please click HERE.