Sported launches new e-learning resources to help members adopt best practice impact measurement

We are pleased to announce the launch of brand new e-learning resources to help Sported members improve the way they collect and utilise impact data, as part of our ‘Fit for Impact’ programme in partnership with Inspiring Impact.


As a proud sub-sector partner of Inspiring Impact, Sported’s goal is to work towards a Sport for Development sector where high quality impact measurement is the norm.


Our ‘Fit for Impact’ programme has been designed to take our members through a journey to greater impact practice; from understanding the benefits of measuring impact, right through to sustaining good impact practice within their organisations.







The newly launched e-learning resources are the latest addition to Sported’s range of freely available impact measurement member services, which includes our impact measurement tool Sportworks, regional workshops and peer-to-peer learning.


The ‘Fit for Impact’ programme has seen Sported train 19 volunteers to become ‘Impact Champions’, who are currently supporting 40 member groups across the UK to embed and implement best practice, through a mix of one-to-one support and group workshops.


The learning from these existing projects and our work with Inspiring Impact have been handily distilled and captured in the new e-learning resources ‘Impact Practice Learner Journey’ to enable all of Sported’s members to benefit!


It’s packed full of easy-to-understand interactive content, downloadable resources, templates, videos and explanations to help groups develop their understanding of impact practice.


Sported members can access the online Impact Practice Learner Journey through the ‘Your Impact’ section on Your Sported Network.


Emma Heel, Head of Evidencing and Learning at Sported, said: “Sported’s members make an incredible positive impact on young people in their community – we’re here to help them show that.  Being able to demonstrate and measure an organisation’s impact is not only become vital for securing funding, but is also important in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of delivery. In partnership with Inspiring Impact we’re determined to help our members, and the Sport for Development sector, lead the way in adopting high quality impact practice.”